Friday, March 20, 2009

Kovy is gonna mess your shit up meek.

So according to the AJC beat writer, Lehtonen is saying that Kovy is playing like he is possessed. Says that in practice yesterday he scored like twice as much a normal. I hope that he leads us to destroy Detroit tonite. Hey, it has happened before... could happen again.

I hate the Red Wings.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Matt Cooke is a fucking asshole.

Period. Someone needs to choke his ass out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thrashers Flush the Crapitals!

I must say that I have been more than a little disappointed with the Thrashers play this season. I blame their poor play on not enough talent. But after watching the last few games and especially the game last night against the Capitals I'm amazed about how well the team is gelling lately. Speaking of gelling....If someone would have asked Kari last night "ARE YOU GELLIN?!?!!", I'm sure he would have said ''like Magellan", or whatever else those jackasses in those horrible commericals say. Despite allowing a goal within the last two minutes of regulation, I don't recall seeing a more impressive performance from Lethonen (or many other goalies this season for that matter). He faced 50 shots and stopped all but one. He was really in the zone and you could tell by his laid back style and focus. If we see Kari turn this into a regular thing the Thrashers are going to be tough to beat. It must be said however that a defense allowing 50 shots on goal is completely unacceptable and the team should be punished by watching nothing but Dancing with the stars re-runs on their next road trip.

I try not to ride the wave of ups and downs that a season filled with. I try to look at the bigger picture of a season broke into quarters or so. With that being said, it is difficult not to be excited about what the team is doing right now. Not only have they won six games in a row (franchise record) but the last 2 games and part of a 3rd were without Kovalchuk. They are also doing it while bringing new and young talent into the mix (Machachek, Salmela, Sterling). If you were to add another solid veteran presence on the team next year in our top 6 and possibly a - ***crosses his fingers*** - top 5 draft pick who is NHL ready next season, then this could really be a team that would give some top teams in the league a headache.

I have one final word before finishing this post and it is....BOGOSIAN! When the season first started he seemed just what he probably was, a nervous 18 year old kid. Within the last couple weeks he has already shown that he is ready to play with the big boys. Registering a point in games more often than not and showing the physical presence that the Thrashers sorely need. His offensive instincts on when to bite down and take the shot or break into a defense to make a quick pass are something to see. The future of our blueline is looking brighter every scratch that... lately (and I must say lately) the future of the WHOLE TEAM is looking brighter every day.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Even without Kovy...

Amazing game! Watched at the Midway with Mr. Magnum and Mr. Meeks. Lehtonen's couple of saves at the very end had to have been my plays of the game. We had no volume at the bar so I couldn't tell much about Salmela... he seemed to get a decent amount of ice time. Major props to Brett Sterling who I have never thought that much of before this game... great shootout goal to win the game. 5 in a row... amazing.... watching the Thrashers play is a good time again!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nice win...

Great game last night. My favorite goal was Bogosian's slapper from the left circle... I think he is going to be my favorite player next season. I actually fell asleep for the end but woke up right as Reasoner scored the winner... Good times.

Remember when the Oilers coach Craig McTavish used to play for the Flyers and was, I believe, the last player to opt not to wear a helmet? I used to think it was funny to see a hockey player that looked like he blow-dried his hair between periods. Nancy-boy McTavish. Sorry you lost.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Better late than never....

I just want to go on record saying that I am thrilled that the Thrashers are streaking at the end of the season here and actually winning some games. Last night's game was great and several others have been really good as of late. All the idiots who think it is just a given that professional athletes are actually going to throw games for a draft pick that could turn into a Patrick Stefan... well, blow me. To have so little dignity as to give up on a season to purposely try to finish last is just utter bullshit... and the message boards are literally overflowing with d-bags who can't believe that the team is actually trying to win games instead of just rolling over and taking a loss.

Draft picks are great, and I hope we get a high pick this year, but not at the cost of all self-respect and dignity that our team has. Anyone who thinks otherwise can lick my balls.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hartley To Coach Habs???

Just read that Bill Clement named Hartley as his pick to replace the recently departed Carboneau as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens. I think he would be a pretty good choice. I loved Hartley for the majority of his stay here... he did exactly what they brought him in to do... but then lost the team when it really mattered. Hopefully he has learned from his mistakes and can get off of our fucking payroll!!!

Lick em.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Your choice of beer

If you won a contest and got to pick any beer you wanted to be served at Phillips arena what would you choose? Leave your answers under the comments section and at the end of the week we'll make a list of some of the best ones and email them to Phillips. The drinkers have a voice!!

Salmela Recalled

The Atlanta Thrashers have recalled defenseman Anssi Salmela (AN-see sahl-MEHL-ah) from the Chicago Wolves of the American Hockey League.

No doubt this means he will be in Tuesdays game against Colorado. Personally in a dwindling season with not much to look forward to I welcome the chance to see someone new in action. Now I'm not sure whether or not Waddell did the right thing in acquiring him, but the fact remains that he's on the team now so let's see what the kid can do. Like I said in a previous post, he is a bit small for a defenseman, but apparently plays a very physical game. I'm expecting him to come in and play very aggressive in order to make a good impression. He has to look at this as a good opportunity to stay up in the NHL. Let's face it, we have some openings and if he comes in and shows good promise I think he's got a shot at some regular playing time. Here's hoping he puts someone through the glass in his first game.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stupid Canadiens.

I missed the game last night... and it wasn't televised. Caught On-The-Fly and it sounds like probably the best home game of the season. Goals by Peverley and Little... Little's was pretty hot-shit. Shut-out by Mr. Lehtonen. Kovy had not one but two assists. And the Canadians proved to be the little bitches that they truly are. When I was riding Marta home from work yesterday evening I saw some loser heading to the game in a really old Montreal jersey. It looked like a little kid wearing a shitty superhero costume his mom made for him out of shit from a dumpster behind a Walmart. Fucking Canadian douche.

Lick em.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Christensen was a waste of my time.

I think this was a good move. Christensen did nothing here in Atlanta but basically sulk and play half-assed. I heard it was because he left his boyfriend in Pittsburgh and never quite got over it. Anyways... This 2nd round pick has just as much potential as any one of our up-and-coming young guys so I say well done.

Lick em.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Have to deviate for a sec...

Can anyone explain the logic of the Daniel Carcillo - Scottie Upshall/2nd Rd. Pick trade to me?! Am I missing something?
First, Upshall seems like the better player. Second, I know Carcillo gets the PIM; but with Riley Cote and Scott Hartnell(dick) on your team already, who needs that. Do the Flyers just want to cement their position in history as being the biggest jackass, dirty team ever??? I can't wait to see Dr. Hook McCraken and Ogie Ogelthorpe the next time the Flyers come to Atlanta.
Fuck the Flyers!!!

Addition by subtraction?

You know, I have to say I don't mind Christensen leaving. Who knows how this O'Dell kid will pan out but Christensen was not a good fit for Atlanta. He is one in a long line of mediocre centers to come in and out of Philips with very little affect. Although I guess getting out of here with a -14 in 57 games isn't too bad!
Now we get to wait out yet another prospect. We keep trading for younger and younger players that we have to just hope make the cut. I know that's called rebuilding but with the Thrashers every year is a rebuilding year. If we keep this trend, everyone watch out for that 2050-2051 Thrashers team!!!
On the bright side, O'Dell has earned more points in two seasons in the OHL then Christensen has in 4 in the NHL. Sorry, I'm trying to be optimistic here! Best I could do.

Thrashers trade Eric for Eric...

Just saw on that Eric Christensen was traded for Anaheim prospect Eric O'dell. Review of the trade to come...

Well??? Its 3pm...

Still no word on if the Thrashers made any moves today. The rumor was that they were getting calls asking about Goaltenders and that Armstrong was being asked about by most of the league. Sometimes the trades take a little while to get finalized and we could hear more shortly. Keep your fingers crossed!

Waddell on TSN.CA

Waddell was just on TSN giving an interview. He said that no matter what offers he might receive he will not trade Kovalchuk. He also said he has a few things in the works and expects to make a few trades today with the intent of bringing in a few bodies and not just picks. More to come...

Trade Deadline!

I wonder who else we might see moved today? Could it be Kari? Armstrong? Maybe a surprise like Peverley? We should know in only a few more hours...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Salmela. Waddell suck it!!!

Meek makes some very good points about Salmela but I have to give my two cents. Every owner and GM in the league now knows how to trade to Atlanta: give as little as possible and just let Waddell give in. Our latest ship-out is Havelid. We give up our only solid D man for the past 4 years for a dude who’s only proven himself for 3 points in the NHL and only 32 points for his best season in a damn Finnish league.

And if that weren’t enough, we give more! We give up forward Myles Stoesz in the deal. Now I don’t know about this Stoesz guy but if he has two arms, two legs, and at least knows how to tie his own fucking skates he should have never been in that deal! Next deal will be Enstrom for a fucking puck bag and some jocks.

We should have gotten more than that. Havelid is not a huge point guy (for Atlanta) but he will no doubt get more points with a good team. But it’s not his points that make him a good player; it’s his solid defensive play and his locker room presence. And in case anyone hasn’t been paying attention at all this year, the Thrashers terribly need both.

There are many teams trying to make a playoff run here and Havelid had some value. I think Waddell made another foolish, short-sighted move. I’m not looking for a Lidstrom or a Boyle here but come on. I would just like to once open up a see something where I’m like “hell yeah, that was an awesome move!” Jesus, help us… help us Lord!!!

Oh, and Atlanta Spirit can suck a fat one! Those bastards need to sell to someone who actually gives a shit.

Have you seen this man?


If you see this man near any playgrounds make sure to call the local authorities!!

Ok seriously. Todd White looks like someone I definitely would not want playing with my kids. Alright so maybe I don't have kids but I wouldn't even let him talk to someone else's kids. I mean does he have his helmets custom made? His forehead is huge.

Disclaimer: If you do see Todd White please do not call the cops. This was a joke. Please do make fun of his enormous forehead though. Thank you.

The Dark Lord On Waivers?!?!

I mentioned earlier today that Eric Perrin was on waivers. I also mentioned some other names on waivers and a great idea hit me. Why don't we pick up SATAN?!?!

I mean I don't think anyone is using the number 666 currently and how could Lucifer not help on the power play?

By the way doesn't that guy who is supposed to be satan above look like a gay Dom Deluise?

Havelid for Salmela?

I'm sure you've all heard about the trade sending Havelid to the Devils. I'm not here to report on that but I do want to talk about this Salmela kid. Here are some of the basics.

Place of Birth: Nokia, Finland
HT: 5-11 WT: 190
Shoots: L

Now in looking at this the first thing that concerns me is his size. He's not very big for an NHL defenseman. Then again neither is Enstrom. Seeing how he is 24 he's obviously not going to get any bigger. Sure he could put on some weight but I can't imagine he'll put on much more. Word is he has a lot of offensive upside and should net more points than Havelid. He did have 16-16 for 32 points in 2007-2008 so that's encouraging. From what I've read he plays a very physical style of D and has good speed and hands. Now I'm all for having a young mobile defensive unit. I think in todays NHL you have to have good puck moving defenseman. The offense starts from the back end and if you can move the puck out of the zone quick then you'll get a lot of chances to score. All in all I think we did ok with this trade. We lost probably our most solid D man but he was 35 and a UFA this summer. In return we get a 24 year old kid who is NHL ready and might be able to help us now and not 2-3 years from now. Obviously the jury is still out but as of now I'd have to say I like it.

Eric Perrin Put on Waivers

Wow, this is a little surprising because I thought that the Thrashers would end up trading him. I had read an article on about him wanting to be traded. It looks like there were no takers for him because they just put him on waivers. Oh well, I guess once you make it clear you don't want to be on a team and they can't trade you then you will end up on the street. It will be interesting to see if any teams attempt to pick him up. Other big names also ended up on waivers today....Satan (Pens), Morrison, (Ducks), Roberts (Lightning), Gerber (Sens), and Jon Sim (an old thrasher). Could there be any interest of bringing Sim back into the mix?

Could the waiving of Perrin be a sign that Waddell is going to be making a trade or some how bringing in a new forward? We should learn more in the next 48 hours.

Welcome to The Word On The Bird Blog!

Hello, and welcome to The Word On The Bird Blog! The primary focus of this blog will be the rants and ramblings of the everyday fan. I will be posting here and will also have my fellow friends (and fans of the Atlanta Thrashers) contribute as well. While we might not be as informative as other blogs I hope that we serve as a place to at least get a good laugh in at your favorite teams expense or hear a different point of view than some of the other blogs or team news sources. I apologize in advance for all of the spelling and grammar mistakes that you are about to endure. I hope you enjoy our blog and we welcome your questions, comments, and dissent.