Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Dark Lord On Waivers?!?!

I mentioned earlier today that Eric Perrin was on waivers. I also mentioned some other names on waivers and a great idea hit me. Why don't we pick up SATAN?!?!

I mean I don't think anyone is using the number 666 currently and how could Lucifer not help on the power play?

By the way doesn't that guy who is supposed to be satan above look like a gay Dom Deluise?


  1. Well Don Waddell must already be friends with Satan. He must have sold his soul to the devil. It's the only way he could have kept his job this long.

  2. I wonder what my Christian parents would say if I wore a Thrashers jersey that said "Satan" on it.

  3. Brian, I have a feeling that they might be a little concerned. But when you assure them that Satan is the saviour of the Thrashers I'm sure they will sleep soundly at night.