Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Have to deviate for a sec...

Can anyone explain the logic of the Daniel Carcillo - Scottie Upshall/2nd Rd. Pick trade to me?! Am I missing something?
First, Upshall seems like the better player. Second, I know Carcillo gets the PIM; but with Riley Cote and Scott Hartnell(dick) on your team already, who needs that. Do the Flyers just want to cement their position in history as being the biggest jackass, dirty team ever??? I can't wait to see Dr. Hook McCraken and Ogie Ogelthorpe the next time the Flyers come to Atlanta.
Fuck the Flyers!!!

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  1. Well there was rumor before this season of Carcillo having more offensive skill than he has shown and that he would be fighting less this year. We see how that has gone. Flyers seem to be getting tougher as the rest of the league gets more skilled.