Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thrashers Flush the Crapitals!

I must say that I have been more than a little disappointed with the Thrashers play this season. I blame their poor play on not enough talent. But after watching the last few games and especially the game last night against the Capitals I'm amazed about how well the team is gelling lately. Speaking of gelling....If someone would have asked Kari last night "ARE YOU GELLIN?!?!!", I'm sure he would have said ''like Magellan", or whatever else those jackasses in those horrible commericals say. Despite allowing a goal within the last two minutes of regulation, I don't recall seeing a more impressive performance from Lethonen (or many other goalies this season for that matter). He faced 50 shots and stopped all but one. He was really in the zone and you could tell by his laid back style and focus. If we see Kari turn this into a regular thing the Thrashers are going to be tough to beat. It must be said however that a defense allowing 50 shots on goal is completely unacceptable and the team should be punished by watching nothing but Dancing with the stars re-runs on their next road trip.

I try not to ride the wave of ups and downs that a season filled with. I try to look at the bigger picture of a season broke into quarters or so. With that being said, it is difficult not to be excited about what the team is doing right now. Not only have they won six games in a row (franchise record) but the last 2 games and part of a 3rd were without Kovalchuk. They are also doing it while bringing new and young talent into the mix (Machachek, Salmela, Sterling). If you were to add another solid veteran presence on the team next year in our top 6 and possibly a - ***crosses his fingers*** - top 5 draft pick who is NHL ready next season, then this could really be a team that would give some top teams in the league a headache.

I have one final word before finishing this post and it is....BOGOSIAN! When the season first started he seemed just what he probably was, a nervous 18 year old kid. Within the last couple weeks he has already shown that he is ready to play with the big boys. Registering a point in games more often than not and showing the physical presence that the Thrashers sorely need. His offensive instincts on when to bite down and take the shot or break into a defense to make a quick pass are something to see. The future of our blueline is looking brighter every day....no scratch that... lately (and I must say lately) the future of the WHOLE TEAM is looking brighter every day.

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  1. I love that Ovechkin told the press that he would have liked to have gotten his 50th goal on Saturday in his home building but that GOD apparently wanted him to get it Atlanta. Dude can play some hockey, but what a douche.