Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Salmela. Waddell suck it!!!

Meek makes some very good points about Salmela but I have to give my two cents. Every owner and GM in the league now knows how to trade to Atlanta: give as little as possible and just let Waddell give in. Our latest ship-out is Havelid. We give up our only solid D man for the past 4 years for a dude who’s only proven himself for 3 points in the NHL and only 32 points for his best season in a damn Finnish league.

And if that weren’t enough, we give more! We give up forward Myles Stoesz in the deal. Now I don’t know about this Stoesz guy but if he has two arms, two legs, and at least knows how to tie his own fucking skates he should have never been in that deal! Next deal will be Enstrom for a fucking puck bag and some jocks.

We should have gotten more than that. Havelid is not a huge point guy (for Atlanta) but he will no doubt get more points with a good team. But it’s not his points that make him a good player; it’s his solid defensive play and his locker room presence. And in case anyone hasn’t been paying attention at all this year, the Thrashers terribly need both.

There are many teams trying to make a playoff run here and Havelid had some value. I think Waddell made another foolish, short-sighted move. I’m not looking for a Lidstrom or a Boyle here but come on. I would just like to once open up atlatnathrashers.com a see something where I’m like “hell yeah, that was an awesome move!” Jesus, help us… help us Lord!!!

Oh, and Atlanta Spirit can suck a fat one! Those bastards need to sell to someone who actually gives a shit.

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