Monday, March 9, 2009

Your choice of beer

If you won a contest and got to pick any beer you wanted to be served at Phillips arena what would you choose? Leave your answers under the comments section and at the end of the week we'll make a list of some of the best ones and email them to Phillips. The drinkers have a voice!!


  1. I say play up the local ATL culture a bit and include more Sweetwater brews than just 420. From a budget standpoint, I assume this would be a terrible idea, but I'd still like it.

    Also, Labatt.

    Also, Baltika, in honor of Kovy.

  2. I'd like to see Dogfishhead 60min, Stone IPA, or maybe something they could sell for cheaper than the Miller Lite/Bud Light stuff..maybe PBR or High life.

  3. Dale's Pale Ale would be nice. I like all of T. Magnum's suggestions but the price would be fucking retarded with their 500% markup.