Thursday, April 2, 2009

You're welcome Sabres Fans!

I do not have any problem playing spoiler to the Sabres playoff hopes. Great game last night! It was aggressive with neither team backing down and its great to see the 'boys in blue' (or sometimes ehhh maroon) building some pride in getting the win that will hopefully carry over into next season. After all, assuming that we are able to re-sign both Reasoner and Armstrong, we will probably be looking at a very similar roster come October.

I watched the game last night with JimLongo and we were both blown away by Bogosian's presence on the ice. To think that the kid is only 18 and playing like that is unbelievable. His offensive awareness and grit are that of a seasoned veteran in the league. He seems confident and ready to accept his role on the first D pairing. He is willing to protect his teammates and use his strength to intimidate the opposing team in front of the net. It's gonna be great seeing him get even more confident as the years go on.

With that being said, what is the deal with Hainsey lately? He just seems not in sync with the rest of the team. I recall a couple passes he made last night that were so far off target he could have been attempting to get a beer vendors attention.

Also have to mention that Kovalchuk is on fire the last half of the season. He is on a 6 game point streak and now has a point in 18 of his last 20 games. Anyone looking for a reason as to why the Thrashers have been hot lately can chalk that up as a big help. Anderson is quoted as saying "when he does well, our team does well". What does Kovy have to say about his coach? “It’s his first year in the NHL. It’s tough to be the coach in the NHL,” Kovalchuk said. “He’s shown everybody he’s the guy who’s going to take us to the playoffs next year.”

I'm gonna be crossing my fingers that the Thrash are able to get their hands on another forward this off season through either free agency or in the draft that can be just as important to the teams success as Kovalchuk. Even though the team is playing well on their current streak, its a long season. I think they are going to need a little more talent in the top 6 in order to make that run for the playoffs that the fans here in Atlanta are sorely needing.

PS. If we ever meet the Sabres in the playoffs there is gonna be a riot in Phillips.


  1. God I was so happy to beat Barfalo. Hands down their fans are the worst. Nice sweep of the season series, too.

  2. List of annoying NHL fans:

    1. Buffalo
    2. NY Rangers
    3. Flyers