Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Am Happy To Be A Thrasher's Fan Again.

That's right.. I said it. I am happy to follow this team again now that we actually look like we give a shit about the game. Great game all around last night. Bogosian stole the show with his great first period goal and at least 5 amazing hits all over the ice. Kovy looked good for the entire game and ended with the OT game winner and and an assist on Bogo's goal.

I just read the re-cap of the game on and it quotes Kovy as saying that J. Anderson has proven that the can take the team to the playoffs next year. He says something else in defense of J.A.'s rough first half of the season and sounds pretty content overall... dare I say that it sounds like we actually have a chance of Kovy re-signing over the summer??? If that happens I will parade around the streets naked. Seriously.


  1. I'll parade around in the streets naked if we get rid of Waddell...

  2. I'm gonna hold both of you to that promise. I hope both happen!

  3. Just wanted to post this comment that a guy from Russia posted on the Thrashers message board about last nights game:

    "It seems our team is becoming better and better day by day. GO THRASHERS! YOU MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY LATELY!"

    - burkov