Monday, July 6, 2009

Thrashers sign 2 goalies ..whats next?

If you scroll down just a little bit on this blog you will see a previous post talking about how the Thrashers have 3 goalies in the organization and my opinion on what should be done with them. Well... over the weekend THE WAD went out and signed two more goalies, Peter Mannino and Drew MacIntyre. So its has to be asked...What's THE WAD's game plan now?

Something has got to give. Too many goalies. Not enough nets to put them in. I will put it in a way that might be even EASIER to understand. My fellow "Word On The Bird" contributor Meek put it like this: "well you don't go out and buy more beer unless you plan on drinking the beer you have already". I know I can understand the thought process on that one.

So who is getting traded? Kari? Moose? Pavelec? If it was up to me it would be Moose. He has already reached his potential and he could be a solid back up for another NHL team. We already have the top 6 forward and top 4 defensive player everyone has been wanting. If it was me I'd trade Moose for a PK specialist. It is another one of the much needed missing pieces to the Thrashers "my first playoff win puzzle" that we've been trying to put together for 10 years now.

Something is about to happen...hide and watch...